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Jumpstart your business with Power Automate’s new desktop RPA solution

This year at Microsoft Ignite, I’m happy to continue the conversation about how Microsoft Power Automate is enabling developers to further accelerate their organizations digital transformation with low-code Robotic Process Automation (RPA) accessible to all users. Today, we are announcing the continued expansion of our RPA technology in Power Automate with a new desktop-based solution, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop.

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Unattended Robotic Process Automation and AAD support now available in UI flows (Preview)

We are excited to announce the preview of one of the most requested feature by our customers: unattended UI flows. Unattended UI flows run without human supervision. This is best for scenarios such as processing invoices and entering them into a legacy application automatically, or scheduled financial reconciliation across multiple systems that can only be automated by clicking user interfaces.

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Digitally Transform Your Enterprise with Power Automate: Our Journey to Enable Your Digital Transformation, Part 2

Today, we want to share how Power Automate is built to accelerate productivity for your organization. Digital transformation unlocks greater efficiencies for an organization and Power Automate is a fundamental service to help achieve this goal. Let’s look at how Power Automate enhances your productivity.

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Digitally Transform Your Enterprise with Power Automate: Our Journey to Enable Your Digital Transformation, Part 1

A brief look at the foundational elements of Power Automate. We’re excited about several exciting features that will become generally available this year and wanted to take a moment to recap the journey that brought us here so that you get a brief look at some of the most important features which are now part of Power Automate, ensuring it is the most comprehensive and advanced automation service for your organization.

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Helpful tips for using Child Flows

Child flows for in Power Automate were announced late last year. This blog will highlight a few additional best practices and tips for using child flows, and if implemented will ensure that you can maximize usage for enterprise scale.

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Optimizing custom connectors through enhanced built-in validations

We are pleased to announce that we are optimizing connectors through enhanced validations. This means that all of the connectors you use, whether it’s one of the almost 300 out-of-box connectors provided by the Power Platform, or one of the custom connectors built within your organization, will see fewer run time errors, and a more consistent, and maintainable, experience. 

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