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We integrate PowerApps, Flow, and Power BI to build custom applications focused on optimizing processes that are manual and time consuming, and integrate data analisis, so you can spend your time on what is really important, and stop doing paperwork.

With Power BI, we design custom dashboards with specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), so you can have in your hand real-time information about what is happening in your business.

Some functions we have integrated in applications are:
  • GPS localization
  • Code bar
  • Pictures
  • Signatures
  • And more

With all this, you can reduce by 70% the application development costs, 38% the management and maintenance costs, and save thousands of worker hours with streamlined and automated processes.


Power Automate パートナーになることをご希望ですか?

認定パートナーは、チームにとって重要な存在です。新しいビジネス チャンスを見出し、つながりを持ち、会社の持つ能力や経験を世界中の Power Automate ユーザーと共有してください。